Rabu, 27 April 2016


        The city of banda aceh is a small city in around the ocean. The small town is not less interesting at night, due to the lights that are in the street reflected in the river, the ocean or lake around the building.
        The pictures taken with Raise The ISO almost all digital cameras are the ISO to control sensitivity of the camera to light. The higher the ISO, the high sensitivity, meaning it can reduce a blur due to shakes the camera and took a picture in the dark. When the ISO was raised, it's going to look more noise in the picture. Noise is the imperfections in the picture in the solid color. Balance details of images and noise around them cameras with one another as ISO. Use Tripod To avoid staggering on the outcome of the picture glow, use a tripod without raising the ISO. Use Aperture Priority with f-stop the lowest, fash-lens usually have f-stop the lowest f22 or could be low again.

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