Minggu, 27 Maret 2016


          Hi guys, on this occasion, I want to tell you about my trip to lampulo, the fish auction. a lot of fishermen are anchored and preparing to come back to catch fish. there are also being lower catches this is what I experienced first to the fish auction. a lot of new things that I got, from preparation to prepare the fishing net to the decline in fish from the ship.

          Place the fish auction is a market that are usually located inside the port or the landing fish, and where the transaction the sale of fish and seafood either through an auction or not. the fish auction is coordinated by the department of fisheries, cooperatives, and the government.

          Place the fish auction is very useful, in the presence of the fish auction was the price both for fishermen in cash and not burden the consumer. 
The camp your bonds that are a monopoly on fishermen. the holding of the fish auction is is to facilitate the marketing activities with the auction, facilitate the development of the quality of the fish fishermen and facilitate the collection of data statitiska.

          Fishes which was brought down, separated and measured and were immediately bought by traders and there are also not the least of which the purchase is the mothers. the provided was still fresh and have not been exposed to the touch of formaldehyde.

          The fishermen help in lose the catch and they share a duty to prepare for it all. This view makes me very impressed with the cooperation.
          The fishermen of the talking and laughing together. they really enjoyed their work. they do with joy. sometimes cross from the looks of them a sense of exhausted but were paid to sell on behalf of the catch them.
          I kept walking around the port and taking pictures of other interesting. lots of things that I got from the results of my explorations.
           Working with sincere and sincerely all the work will be easy and lightweight, such as fishermen  who work with joy.
           That's the end of my journey this time, good friends can take the positive side of my journey this time, I'll see you again.

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